lrc (lrc) wrote,

Whiskymas 2010

For over 20 years, I've been inviting people to my house on Dec 25th for good food, good company, and several of us will be tasting scotch. It started out as a whisky tasting for a few of my friends that don't celebrate Christmas, and has grown into a pleasant low-key afternoon where people bring really good stuff to eat and drink, and we chat and enjoy each other's company.

The scotch tasting has gone from the central theme of the day, to a quaint tradition that several of the people with observe, though many won't.

Since it's on a Saturday this year, we have the option of running a lot later than it often goes, so it'll likely morph from a party for folks not visiting with family, into a chance for folks to decompress after visiting their family.

If you're interested in coming, ping me for details.
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