lrc (lrc) wrote,

Rock stars

It's hard to phrase this as amusement at my own reaction and not sound like bragging, but WTF.

I shot photos recently at a show that was a memorial for a local musician. As a result, several of the people involved in the show friended me on facebook. One of them has played with some big name bands. I'm not into "celebrity", but its interesting to find that I'm not entirely immune to the concept. I think that it's kind of cool that I have three bona-fide rock stars from the 60's on my facebook friends list.

In contrast, a little over 20 years ago my girlfriend was really excited to find out that one of the distant cousins at either my Aunt's 100th birthday party, or her funeral a few months later, was the woman from the Maxwell House coffee commercials, which I consider taking celebrity fever a bit too far.

And, yes, I recognize that there are people likely to read this that are current celebrities in their own right, rather than having been bass or piano players in rock bands 40 years ago.
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